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College Admission Profile 2011 – 2012

Edison Academics is an academic institution founded in 2001 on the belief that every student brings with him/her unique talents to the teaching situation. Faculty members are dedicated to the development of autonomous learners, committed to the promise of interactive instruction and firm in their belief that all children learn at individual rates and with specific learning styles. The school was founded with the belief that each student must expect to:

  • Reach his/her full potential
  • Feel safe and positive in the school environment
  • Be educated in the technology that is critical for success in our changing society
  • Produce quality work
  • Become an active participant in the learning process

Accreditation: Edison is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

SAT and ACT Result
Grading Scale
College Placement
Test Mean Middle 50%   A=90-100 4.0   Nintey percent of the
senior class will
attend four year
colleges.  Ten
percent will attend
two-year schools or
begin professional careers.
SAT V 540 510-600   B=80-89 3.0  
Sat M 600 510-640   C=70-79 2.0  
Act Comp 24 21-27   D=60-69 1.0  
        F=0-59 0.0  

Graduation Requirements: 24 units

English – 4 units
Math – 3 units; 4 recommended
Science – 3 units; 4 recommended
History – 4 units ( Western Civilization or World Geography, US History, World History, Government/ Economics)
Health – ½ unit
Foreign Language – 2 units; 3 recommended
Fine Arts – 1 unit
Physical Education – 1.5 units
Electives – 5 units
Life Management Skills must be chosen for students in Florida Bright Future Scholarship Program

Course Selection Guide

Language Arts   Social Science   Mathematics
English I
English I Honors
English II
English II Honors
English III
English III Honors
English IV
English IV Honors
Vocabulary and Grammar
Advanced Composition
Speech and Communication
Non Fiction Literature
  Western Civilization
Western Civilization Honors
European History
World History
World History Honors
World Geography
American History
American History Honor
American Government
Global Studies
American History Through Jazz

Algebra I
Algebra I Honors
Geometry Skills
Geometry Honors
Algebra II Skills
Algebra II
Algebra II Honors
Pre-Calculus Honors APCalculus
Computer Programming I, II

Business, Finance & Economics   Fine Arts and Performing Arts   Science
Business Law
Accounting I, II
Economics, Economics Honors
The American Enterprise System
Business Systems
Introduction to Business
Marketing I, II
  Art History I, II
Art Design I, II
Music History
Music Theory I, II, III , IV
Band I, II, III
Music Application: Jazz & Blues
Theatre I, II
Film History
  Physical Science
Physical Science Honors
Biology Honors
Anatomy & Physiology
Physics Honors
Chemistry Honors
Foreign Language   PE and other Electives    
Spanish I, II, III, IV
AP Spanish Literature
French I, II, III, IV
Italian I, II, III, IV
Latin I, II
  Team Sports
Personal Fitness
Sailing/ Seamanship

Edison Students are eligible for dual enrollment at the State College of Florida

Colleges and University Acceptances for our Graduates

Auburn University
Bethune – Cookman College
Brock University
California State University – Fullerton
Chicago State University
Clemson University
Coastal Carolina University
Cornell University
Duke University
Duquesne University
Eckerd College
Flagler University
Florida Atlantic University
Florida Institute of Technology
Florida State University
Furman University
Georgetown University
Georgia Institute of Technology
George Mason University
George Washington University
Gonzaga University
Indiana University
Louisiana Tech
  Louisiana State University
Loyola University
Lynchburg College
Manatee Community College
Marquette University
Mercer University
New College
Northeastern University
Northwestern University
Oklahoma State University
Pace University
Purdue University
Ringling College
Rutgers University
Samford University
Santa Clara University
Southern Methodist University
St. John’s University
St. Louis University
Stanford University
Sweet Briar College
Tulane University
UNC Chapel Hill
UNC Wilmington
United States Military Academy
University of California – Los Angeles
University of California – Santa Barbara
  University of California – Santa Clara
University of Central Florida
University of Colorado
University of Delaware
University of Florida
University of Georgia
University of Hawaii
University of Illinois
University of Jacksonville
University of Miami
University of Maryland
University of Memphis
University of Michigan
University of Mississippi
University of Nevada Las Vega
University of North Florida
University of Notre Dame
University of Pennsylvania
University of South Carolina
University of South Florida
University of Tampa
University of Virginia
Vanderbilt University
Wake Forest University
Washington and Lee University
Weber University
William and Mary